Online Cash Management

These convenient electronic services can help you manage your business revenues and expenses by automatically directing your cash where it needs to go, whether it's to and from outside parties, or between different accounts within the bank.

Automated Clearing House (ACH) services can support your business in areas like direct deposits (automatic payroll or commission deposits), billing (receiving regular, pre-authorized fees like dues, subscriptions, tuitions, etc.) and cash management (automatic transfers to other institutions).

  • Save valuable time and resources
  • Reduce accounting errors
  • Gain greater efficiency
  • Review account balances
  • Transfer funds, pay bills, and more
  • Initiate ACH payments and debits
  • Make and receive wire transfers
  • Make federal tax payments

To find out more about these services, e-mail us at or call (615) 443-6105.

Automated Clearing House (ACH)

Increase security, reduce time, and eliminate paperwork with electronic payment and collection through our Automated Clearing House (ACH). This electronic means of transferring funds between parties provides a convenient alternative to checks or wire transfers.

  • Convenience for employees with direct deposit
  • Assurance of collecting funds on predetermined dates
  • Improved cash flow forecasting
  • More control of cash assets
  • Better investment opportunities from a central location
  • Reduced need for more expensive wire transfers