Person logging into online banking on their laptop.

New Online Banking FAQ

Below are some answers to common questions about our online banking platform conversion that will be coming soon. 
  • The overall look is similar to our app.
  • The first time logging in you will be asked a verification code, but if you click the do not ask again box it will not ask unless you are on a new device.
  • Customers can initiate external transfers to other financial institutions.
  • Log In to WBT Online Banking/Mobile App
  • Select an account
  • Select E-Statements
    Online banking screen shot
  • Select Sign Up/Changes
  • Select the dropdown arrow next to the account you would like to enroll and/or turn off
    online banking screenshot
  • Review document types and ensure that only the documents you would like to receive are selected
    ACH Notifications
  • Select Save Settings
  • You can set alerts for balances under or over a certain amount.
  • Transaction alerts are for credits and debits over an amount.
  • These will have to be added to each account the customer wants to be notified on.
  • Click the account you need statements for. 
  • Then scroll down and click e-statements 

  • Click the account you need statements for. 
  • Click the E-statements button on dashboard. 
You can use Zelle or Pay a Person.
You can click the "Support" tab and start a conversation or call the support line at (615) 443-0012 .
  • Click on your initials in the right corner and select profile. From there, you can edit your preferred name, address, email, and phone number.
  • Click Security to change your username and password, and see what devices have been used to log in.
  • MyCardRules functionality will now be integrated into the WBT mobile app.
  • Customers will be able to enroll in Bill Pay.
No, the 2 factor authentication takes the place of those.
  • An external transfer is if you have an account at another bank and want to transfer funds from your WBT account to that account.
  • You can send money from another financial institution to your account at WBT

Yes, this upgrade will include the "Card Alerts and Protections" feature, giving you the ability to receive customized alerts about your card, set spending limits, and more. To setup:

  • Click the Account that is attached to the card you want to receive customized alerts for
  • Select "Card Management" from the list
  • Select "Alerts and Protections"
  • Select the protection options you want to activate

Yes, if you use either the web connect or direct connect for you Quicken Downloads, you will need to deactivate and reactivate after the morning of April 13th.

  1. Complete a data file backup and a final transaction download. 
  2. After your data file backup, complete the deactivate/reactivate process within your online banking connection to ensure that you get your current QuickBooks accounts set up with a new connection.
Here are the new Intuit names to choose from when activating your connection:

Wilson Bank & Trust Retail                           (web connect)
Wilson Bank & Trust Retail-DC                     (direct connect)

Conversion instructions by product:
No, this change does not affect online banking for commercial business customers.