30x30x30 Charity Partner: Home Bound Meals

June 21, 2017

Five days a week, the Home Bound Meals Program receives food in bulk from Mid Cumberland Human Resource Agency, and it’s then delivered to the Community Church in Hendersonville.  There, volunteers pack individual meals for delivery.  The meals are delivered by volunteers as well, using their own vehicles and gas to make their routes.  On average, the program serves 120 residents of Hendersonville a day, providing each of them with a warm and nutritious meal.  The recipients are typically 60 years and older, but the program does deliver to some residents under 60 who cannot prepare meals for themselves.  In the process of serving meals, volunteers also provide another important but sometimes overlooked benefit: personal contact with the recipients.  The majority of the program’s beneficiaries do not have much personal contact with the outside world throughout the week. 

Our branch chose to support this program because of the wonderful service it provides to our community.  The volunteers that make the program work are nothing short of inspiring.  We all agree that if we had a loved one in a position of need, we would hope that they could find the support they needed.  This program provides a noble service and is a direct reflection of our community; residents stepping up and using their personal resources and time to support their neighbors in need.

Hendersonville charity blog photo Home Bound Meals

HBMP is a 501-C3 that relies on grants and generous donations from local patrons, businesses, civic groups, and religious organizations.  Ninety-seven percent of all funds received by the program go directly toward the cost of meals.

In celebration of the bank’s 30th anniversary, each WB&T branch or department group is supporting a local charity in 2017.  A combined $30,000 and 900 volunteer hours will be provided to 30 different charitable organizations in Middle Tennessee through the ‘30x30x30’ program.

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