30x30x30 Charity Partner: TN Breast Cancer Coalition

October 19, 2017

For several years I have had the privilege to volunteer with Tennessee Breast Cancer Coalition (TBCC).  I was introduced to TBCC after meeting Mike and Barbara Eller and Jim and Beth Vernon at the Hermitage Golf Course.  Barbara and Beth are both breast cancer survivors, and they’re enthusiastic and passionate about life and the mission of TBCC. Hearing about how they’ve navigated their bouts with cancer made me fall in love with them and their cause.  Jami Eller, the executive director of TBCC and Mike and Barbara’s sister-in-law, took the journey with Barbara and Beth, and also lost her husband to cancer.  These three women drew me to TBCC with their kindness and determination.  From the moment I participated in the first TBCC golf tournament, I was hooked.

Our Hermitage office team chose the TBCC as our 30x30x30 charity, and our staff volunteered at the Par-Tee silent and live auction. The auction took place the night prior to the TBCC golf tournament and then the day of the tournament.  The experience was a lot of fun, and we knew our work was contributing to a very worthy event.  I’m grateful that Wilson Bank & Trust allowed us to participate and engage with such a great organization!

Here’s more about who they are and what they do:

TBCC was established in 1995 as a grassroots organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for individuals undergoing treatment for breast cancer.  Their mission is to be the foremost advocate for Tennesseans facing breast cancer through individual assistance, education and legislative action.

TBCC provides assistance through the Emergency Access Fund, which is their primary community outreach program. The EAF was implemented in 2002 to provide financial assistance to women and men undergoing breast cancer treatments.  Some of the necessities they assist with can include, but are not limited to, rent, mortgage payments, utilities, insurance premiums and medical expenses.   Applicants must meet set requirements in order to qualify for financial assistance. TBCC pays these items directly; money is not given to the applicant.  

TBCC recognizes that a diagnosis of breast cancer is a life-threatening challenge. Their ultimate objective for the EAF is to enable breast cancer patients to avoid a traumatic financial crisis during a time in which their highest priority should be on their own healing.

The TBCC Golf Tournament is one of their major fundraisers.  The tournament is held at the Hermitage Golf Course, and about 500 golfers participate each year.

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