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The Blues Brokers, Part 2: A Paying Gig

November 3, 2016
We'd just formed our little band and had a good time playing at Oktoberfest, but none of us really had our sights on taking this thing further. Except one, that is.

The Blues Brokers: Beginning a band

October 7, 2016
From my first discussions about a career here at WB&T back in 1999, Larry Squires and I discovered a mutual love for music. For years this would manifest itself in conversations about music trivia, our individual musical pursuits and the occasional chance to hear live music together.

Oktoberfest Eats: Food Fit for a Fair

September 29, 2016
Heard the latest rumblings about Oktoberfest? They just might be coming from your tummy. Our Oktoberfest food coordinator has a rundown of the mouth-watering options you can get your hands on at this year’s big event.

Filming our new commercial: An intern's perspective

September 2, 2016
Last summer when I was sitting in interviews (wearing a suit and uncomfortable shoes), I never imagined I would witness the making of a commercial - but that has been one of many great experiences in an internship that accommodated my love for film.

Walmart branch transformation, part 1: A mystery and a memento

August 22, 2016
A keepsake on her desk is a reminder of a mystery Office Manager Carol Burlison was finally able to solve when the Walmart branch was remodeled recently.