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Lessons in Leadership from Chick-fil-A

November 30, 2016
I had the chance recently to talk with Carlton Beall of Chick-fil-A about leadership, and from the moment we sat down, I sensed the comfort, focus, and passion Carlton has on the subject.

Safe Shopping Tips

November 21, 2016
Busy people can become more vulnerable to theft and other crimes during the holidays. Here are some tips for staying safe on Black Friday and throughout the shopping season.

The Blues Brokers, Part 2: A Paying Gig

November 3, 2016
We'd just formed our little band and had a good time playing at Oktoberfest, but none of us really had our sights on taking this thing further. Except one, that is.

The Blues Brokers: Beginning a band

October 7, 2016
From my first discussions about a career here at WB&T back in 1999, Larry Squires and I discovered a mutual love for music. For years this would manifest itself in conversations about music trivia, our individual musical pursuits and the occasional chance to hear live music together.

Oktoberfest Eats: Food Fit for a Fair

September 29, 2016
Heard the latest rumblings about Oktoberfest? They just might be coming from your tummy. Our Oktoberfest food coordinator has a rundown of the mouth-watering options you can get your hands on at this year’s big event.