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Event Experience: My First Stockholder Picnic


June 7, 2019

Before Wilson Bank & Trust had even opened its doors for business in 1987, there was a small tent set up on the property where stockholders could stop by for refreshments and pick up their stock certificates.  I’m sure they had no idea at the time, but that was the beginning of a big tradition at the bank.  As our number of shareholders has multiplied through the years, so has the size of our event for shareholders, and this year we were excited to host our annual picnic with more than 800 people in attendance.  Families stretching over multiple generations gathered with management and other bank employees to celebrate the bank’s success and hear a few updates.

As a member of the bank’s trainee program, I had the opportunity to work alongside the marketing department and attend my first Stockholder Picnic at Wilson Bank & Trust. I’ve always loved planning and big events, so I was super excited to be a part of this.  Still, as a new employee, I admit I didn’t fully understand the impact events like these can have not only for our shareholders, but for employees too. For me, even beyond that, it was a chance to see what goes into planning and creating a huge event, while having some fun along the way.

My day started with a trip to run errands for last-minute items and decorations. Between spreading tablecloths, picking up flowers, placing centerpieces, and setting up tables for welcome and check-in, there was plenty of work to do before our guests arrived. We were lucky enough not to get rained on, but the heat was a challenge all day.  After lunch and a quick trip to Sonic for drinks, most of the final touches had been completed.

Soon afterward, guests began to stream in, they were greeted by bank employees, managers, and even CEO Randall Clemons and President John McDearman. I was impressed at how eager shareholders were to get there, with some arriving more than an hour early!

Large tents, lots of food, giveaways, live entertainment and many smiling faces covered the lawn and created a priceless picture of what our bank is all about. This event is a great example of the personal relationships formed over the years between employees and those who invest in our success.

With bouncy houses and even an appearance from Mr. Wilson, there was fun for all ages on this night to celebrate the community culture created by Wilson Bank.  Carolyn Cathey and a small group of Wilson Bank & Trust performers showed off their hidden talents and kept the crowd entertained throughout the evening. Each person in the band had selected two songs they felt represented something about the bank. Tunes ranging from You’ve Got a Friend and Amazing Grace to I’m a Believer and Brown Eyed Girl had many people swaying in their chairs and singing along. Other employees helped with the food lines, inflatables, taking pictures with Mr. Wilson, and mingling with guests to ensure a perfect event atmosphere.  It was easy to see why events are one of our specialties.

Before the night came to an end, Mr. Clemons gave a summary of the bank’s first quarter success, and Mr. McDearman shared his excitement for our prosperous months to come. It was amazing to see so many people from the Wilson Bank community come together and show their support. It’s also comforting to see firsthand how many shareholders firmly believe in us and our future. In a moment like this, where so many parts of the bank family came together as one, I was reminded how lucky I am to work for such a strong company.

I had a blast working this event and meeting new people. Now it’s time to start my countdown to the next event I get to be a part of!

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