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Trainee Journal: Three months in


June 21, 2019

When someone finds out I am in the Bank Trainee program, I usually get two questions.  First: What department are you in now?  Secondly: Where do you think you will end up?  (I’ll come back to that one.)

Over the last three months I have had the opportunity to shadow in various departments including Deposit Servicing, EFT (electronic banking), Security and Accounting.  I have also helped with a few marketing events including the Nashville Sportsfest at Nissan Stadium, the Mt. Juliet Car Show, and teaching for Financial Literacy Month at Mt. Juliet High and Wilson Central High. Talk about a busy time! The thing that I enjoy the most about shadowing each department is truly getting to know the people in each area. Like learning that Brooke in EFT drinks a gallon of water every day, and that Jennifer in Accounting hates the word tedious.  Each person brings a unique skill set and personality that makes Wilson Bank a great place to work. Coming from the front lines of the bank, we don’t always get to see the magic that happens in the background. It truly is a team effort and is amazing to see all that goes into operating the bank.

As I reflect on the last 3 months, no matter the department or the event that I have participated in, it is all pulled off by a great team of people- who have one common goal- A great customer experience.

Back to the second question: Where will you end up???

I have no idea! Of course I have thoughts and goals, but what this program has taught me is patience. I am trying to just enjoy every day and every department as they come. I think often times in life we get so goal oriented or wrapped up in looking ahead that we forget to enjoy the present. I am working on that goal of being more patient and being more present!

I am looking forward to future and what it has in store for all the bank trainees, and am working on being grateful for the moment.

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