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Trainee Journal: What I learned as a CSR


July 19, 2019

Before I started in the WBT Trainee Program, I served as a customer service rep/personal banker at our Walmart office. Walmart is a unique branch, with office hours that are different from any others, and most everything is done from a teller window because of the office layout.  You get the opportunity to serve many customers, and I was able to learn a few extra tasks because of the later business hours.  It was a great training ground for someone that’s new to banking, as I was when I started with WBT.

When my CSR rotation came around in the training program, I was assigned to serve in our Southern Region for two months.  That region includes all our offices in Rutherford County: Smyrna, Memorial, Broad St., Church Street, and Hwy. 96.  I also filled in for a time at our Hwy. 109 office.

With all of my Walmart experience, I told myself things would be fairly easy.  Boy was I wrong!  While Walmart had given me a good foundation, there are a few services that don’t come into play there, including safe deposit boxes, a night drop box and the drive-thru.  I had never been exposed to any of these areas, so it was a good experience to learn them from the ground up.  I also needed to adjust to some of the teller equipment and to the way debit cards were printed, which were also different from what I was used to.  Once I learned the ropes in those areas, I was able to jump in and help with everything.  I even had the chance to serve as a personal banker at a few offices.  Whether I was cashing a check for a customer or welcoming a new customer to the WBT family by opening their new account, I was able to meet some amazing people and build rapport with them.  It was a pleasure getting to know each branch’s regular customers, as well as welcoming and assisting new customers. 

I also greatly enjoyed working with our employees in the Southern Region and Highway 109.  I could see pretty quickly what a vital role our branch managers play in their community.  While each office is managed differently, each manager is a real go-to person, and the relationships they build with their customers if genuinely outstanding!  Also, working at Hwy. 109 was like a family reunion, because I’d worked with John “JP” Presley and Kaitlyn Walker at Walmart, and already knew what terrific individuals they are.

I’m fortunate to have picked up even more than some extra skills during my teller training. I learned a lot about how different teams operate, but I could also see that every office had one important thing in common: the comradery was phenomenal!

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