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Trainee Journal: ATMs and Cow Pastures


September 6, 2019

As part of the bank trainee program, one department we get to visit is internal audit and BSA (which stands for Bank Secrecy Act – it deals with a law that prevents money laundering and other fraud). Greg and Suzanne do a great job looking at detailed information to be sure the bank is following policy and adhering to regulations and procedures. During my rotation, part of my responsibility was to go out and check on certain ATM’s around the area.  So, as any confident bank trainee does, I packed up thinking I was more than ready for this task.  But my trip turned out to be a little more adventurous than I bargained for!

The day before I set out, Greg gave me a list of ATMs that I needed to visit, and I was entrusted with mapping out my journey.  He had no way of knowing that I am horrible with directions, but thanks to GPS and my Maps app, I felt OK about everything.

I left my house on a Friday morning around 7:30, and I spent my day driving all over Middle Tennessee checking ATMs.  Specifically, my job was to make sure each machine had the functionality to work well for our hearing impaired customers. Our service area includes nearly all of Middle Tennessee, and I ended up traveling around 250 miles that day!

At one point I somehow ended up a little lost on a side road near Gallatin.  OK, a lot lost.  My phone reception was bad, and I found myself on a one-lane road that seemed to run through the middle of a field.  I really started to worry that I’d be hanging out with the cows the rest of the afternoon.  Luckily, my GPS kicked back in and I found civilization again, and eventually finished my tour.

You just never know where the bank training program is going to take you!  Even when I’d temporary lost my bearings, I felt good about the work I was doing for this special assignment.  I think it’s great that our bank goes out of the way (no pun intended) to be sure our customers get the service they need and deserve.

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