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Trainee Journal: Golfing with the President


November 21, 2019

On our first day of trainee orientation early this year, we had breakfast with WBT President John McDearman. To me, spending time with one of our top executives was a big deal, and I was even more excited to find out we’d get a chance to do it again later.  One of the first things John mentioned when he got up to speak was a plan for an afternoon outing with our group in the fall.  “This year,” he told our training director, “I want to take the trainees to Top Golf.”   We were all pretty pumped about that suggestion!

It was several months later, as our department rotations were finished or winding down, when the day of our outing finally arrived.  As the five of us walked with John to his car, we were surprised to see Scott Jasper, our executive vice president of retail banking, already in the front seat. He was our special guest for the day.  Even packed in like sardines, the drive to Top Golf and back was a fun part of the experience that gave us more time together.

Once we got to Top Golf, we split into two teams. John, Shelby and I were the Rocky-Cats (John and I are huge Vols fans and Shelby is a Kentucky fan, so we had get a little creative with our team name).  Scott, Taylor, Michael and Adam were the Sultans of Swing (it was only after the fact that we realized it might’ve made sense to pair our UK fans, Scott and Shelby, on the same team).  In case you haven’t been to Top Golf, the game involves hitting micro-chipped golf balls at a giant dartboard, scoring points for accuracy and distance. 

After a few practice swings, it was time to tee up and get the game started. Now, I am not a golfer in any way, shape or form, unless you count putt-putt, but I had played Top Golf a few times.  John’s a lifelong golfer, and with him carrying the Rocky-Cats, we won!  Scott and Michael had skills too – those three would’ve definitely knocked out some windshields if not for the giant net.

We played several rounds, ordered some appetizers and talked. John also gave Shelby and me some much-needed golfing tips - we both really appreciated that!

John and Scott are both humble leaders and it was great to have some one-on-one time with them.  We all enjoyed spending an afternoon with two of the leaders of our bank, getting to know them better both personally and professionally.  I am thankful for that opportunity.

One other thing I discovered that day?  I’d love to play an actual round of golf sometime… but only so I can say I did it!

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