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Meet our 2020 Trainees: Laura Cox


April 17, 2020

At the beginning of March, I hit the ground running as one of the four 2020 bank trainees. Since we’ll get to share our adventures with you over the course of this year, it seems only fitting you know a little about me first.

 My name is Laura Cox and my husband Josh and I live on a farm with our horses, cows, cats, and rabbit. We love the outdoors, and when we aren’t in the mountains hiking a new trail, or camping (you know, the kind where you sleep on the ground in a tent), you may find us canoeing the Caney Fork with our cat, Ruffian, life vest and all.

Most who know me know I have a passion for animals, especially my horses.  I’m also passionate about the sport in which I am fortunate to compete called three-day evening. I started taking lessons when I was 8, and have never stopped.

Non-riders often seemed shocked when they see a picture of me jumping a horse and hear that I still take lessons. To an outsider, I guess I may have accomplished all they imagine one would need to know about that subject. From the inside, though, let’s just say I’m not heading to the Olympics any time soon (maybe one day?). I believe education is one of the most important things we can do for ourselves. In my opinion, no matter how long you have been doing something, or how experienced you are, you should never stop learning. This is why I chose to embark on this journey with the bank, to continue my education and grow with this growing company.

The first four years of my banking career I spent with the New Accounts department at the Main Office in Lebanon. During that time, I learned more than I ever imagined when I applied for the job, and I’ve worked alongside some amazing people. Now, as I move into my new role, I have a unique opportunity to learn how the bank operates from the inside out.

My hope as I navigate through the different departments is to absorb everything I can, and come out with a stronger understanding of how to best serve our customers and fellow employees when I continue my career at the bank.  It should be a great ride!

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