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What Financial Literacy Month Means to Us


March 29, 2019

April is Financial Literacy Month.  That’s probably not something you have marked on your calendar, and it might not have much meaning for you, but that’s OK.  What is important is the idea behind it, which boils down to this: making good money decisions.  That’s something we all need to understand, and it can really help us if we put it into practice.

For a bank like ours, promoting financial literacy is a big deal because it combines three of the things we know the most about: money, community and education.  We work on financial literacy all year long, but since there’s a special emphasis in April, we like to celebrate by doing something extra. This year, that means visiting classrooms in middle schools and high schools to help educate students about budgeting, practical spending and recordkeeping.

What else does Wilson Bank & Trust do to educate our neighbors about being smart with money? Plenty!  Let us count some of them:

  • Through our School Bank program, bankers regularly visit about 60 different schools to accept savings deposits and open accounts, encouraging students as early as preschool to make saving a habit!
  • Every fall, many of our School Bank representatives teach interactive lessons about saving in elementary school classrooms.
  • For middle schoolers, we offer a Campus Prep account (along with in-school program in many areas), carrying on the importance of saving and adding the component of making wise spending choices.
  • Our sponsorship of an online financial literacy program for middle & high school students helps provide classroom lessons that cover:
    • Income and Careers
    • Credit & Borrowing
    • Insurance & Safety Management
    • Investing
    • Financing Higher Education
    • Consumer Fraud
    • Credit Scores
  • By sponsoring the Tennessee College Guide and Tennessee Career Guide, we’ve helped students make choices about higher education and careers.
  • Security Stuff with Elvis Huff is a blog authored by our security director, with plenty of safety advice for consumers and business. Elvis also leads seminars in the community to help educate people about cybersecurity.
  • Our Community Shred Days are a great opportunity to stay secure while you get rid of clutter. Shred!!  Don’t be a victim of identity fraud!
  • WBT Protect is our ID protection product that allows you to monitor your credit through an online dashboard.
  • We also provide community seminars at individual branches about current financial issues.

As a former teacher, I still enjoy being in the classroom, but our local bankers in all our communities make it possible to reach hundreds and hundreds of students over the course of the year.  Financial Literacy Month is a great time to recognize their efforts, and I’m thankful to be part of an organization that puts so much time and effort to teaching financial literacy.  WBT’s dedication to educating communities runs as deep as its dedication to investing in them.

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