Saved by the apps: My stolen card story

September 7, 2018

Do you really need to use the apps from the bank?  A recent experience proved to me that the answer is absolutely YES!  If I hadn’t had MyCardRules and SecurLOCKEquip loaded on my phone a few days ago, I can say without a doubt it would have cost me, in tons of worry as well as some money.

A few nights ago, I was taking my granddaughter to her dance lesson at a local studio.  We walked in the door at 6:25 for her 6:30 class.  I had my phone with me, and I locked my car with my purse in it.  When I walked back to my car at about 6:32 - just a few minutes later - I was shocked by what I saw.  The rear passenger window was busted.  Glass was everywhere, and you guessed it, my purse was gone.  I called 911 right away, and after that the first thing I did was open two apps on my phone: MyCardRules (for my WBT debit card) and SecurLockEquip (for my WBT credit card).  I was able to immediately shut down both of my Wilson Bank & Trust cards.  Sigh of relief!

Those weren’t the only cards in my purse, and at 6:42 I started receiving texts from several of my other credit card companies, because there had already been attempts to make purchases of over $1000 (four attempts were made when it was all said and done).  Soon the police arrived to file a report.  When I told the officer what happened, he was extremely impressed – and a little mystified, I think – that I’d already shut off two of my cards.  Neither of those were affected.

Needless to say, the ability to turn off my debit and credit card using just the apps turned out to be a lifesaver.  The apps truly were an easy and effective way to stop fraud before it even happened.  I was eventually able to get my other cards locked down as well, but the process of doing that by phone lasted well into the night.

If you carry WBT cards but don’t have MyCardRules and SecurLOCKEquip on your phone, my advice would be to get them now.  As in, go to the app store while you’re reading this and download them immediately.  You never know when you’ll need them, and if something happens, you’ll sure be glad they’re there!

As for the rest of the story?  Four people were arrested that night in connection with the crime, due to the quick response of the Lebanon Police Department and the watchful eyes of concerned citizens.  I’m very thankful for their efforts.  I’m also extremely glad that I had taken one simple step to prepare for an incident I wasn’t expecting.

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