Saving tips for shopping season

November 16, 2017

Finding that your funds for Christmas gifts are a little short this year?  Follow these suggestions and start planning now for the 2018 holiday shopping season to give your savings a boost!

  1. Open a WBT Christmas Club savings account. With money set aside for a specific purpose, you’ll be less likely to move it or use it elsewhere.
  1. Have money automatically deposited into this account.  Through online banking, you can easily automate the process of transferring money from your checking account to your Christmas Club every month.  Make sure your transfer is scheduled for the same day you get paid – then you never miss those funds.  (This works well for Vacation Club too – they just pay out at different times of the year). Even better, if your employer will direct deposit your paycheck into more than one account, set up a separate monthly deposit that goes directly into Christmas Club.
  1. Can’t afford to save?  If you skip going out to lunch one day a week, that could eliminate $500 of spending over a whole year. Skipping two days would have an even bigger impact.
  1. If you have a Kasasa Cash Back account, move your monthly rewards to Christmas Club, which you can again do automatically through online banking. Schedule this transfer for the third Wednesday of every month.
  1. If you are a really good shopper, which I am not, buy things on sale throughout the year or right after Christmas, and stockpile your gifts to spread out your spending.
  1. Do you get an annual raise at work?  Look at your very first post-raise paycheck, and set up an automated direct deposit or transfer, so those additional funds start going straight into a Christmas Club account. Again, you won’t miss that money if it’s diverted away from your checking account ahead of time.

Happy shopping, and happy saving in 2018!

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