The Blues Brokers, Part 3: Biggest Thrills

December 14, 2016

Larry Squires and I like to say that when most financial advisors are playing golf in their spare time, we are playing music.  We still play just because we love it, and maybe that’s the reason the Blues Brokers continue to perform after so many years.

We’re still amazed at the path we have been down with the band.  Here are a few special highlights and memories that stand out in my mind:

  • To my knowledge, we were the last band to play in Opryland Hotel before the Nashville flood in 2011. We played there the night before, and we thought about leaving our gear there and coming back for it the next day.  Good thing we didn’t!  The Delta exhibition room where we played was completely underwater less than 24 hours later.
  • Opening up for The Four Tops was a great honor, and definitely one of the high points in our band’s journey. This opportunity came in 2015, at the Wilson County Fair.
  • We’ve had the good fortune of playing two national conferences for our brokerage firm, Raymond James Financial. On one of these trips, they flew us all to Orlando to play for our fellow advisors from all over the country.
  • We are humbled to have played fundraisers and celebrations for several charities that are near and dear to us over the years. Those include, but probably aren’t limited to, Sherry’s Run, Relay For Life, Brooks House, Downs Syndrome Association, Nashville Family Center and the Roy Baily African American Center at Pickett Chapel.

Blues Brokers b/w photo

Of course, we haven’t quit our day jobs.  Throughout our time with the Blues Brokers, God has blessed us in our business with great clients, associates and friends that have propelled our investment team to a top program that’s been recognized nationally among our peers.  We are thankful to God for the opportunity to use the talents and love that He gave us in multiple ways.  We hope and pray that we can continue in that light and that He has more in store for us that we cannot see!

We love to play for a good cause and the occasional wedding or community festival.  You can find us on Facebook or at

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