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Q: Are Wilson Bank & Trust deposit accounts FDIC insured?

A: Yes, each individual customer is insured by the FDIC. For more information, call your neighborhood WB&T office.

Q: How do I set up Direct Deposit for my payroll check?

A: If your employer participates in a direct deposit program, simply provide Wilson Bank & Trust's routing and transit numbers and your account number to the human resources or payroll department at your company.

Q: Can I get information about my accounts by Internet and phone?

A: Yes. Our Telephone Banker service is available at (615) 449-8353, and online banking users can access account information online. Information on any of your accounts is also available during business hours at any of our neighborhood offices.

Q: Can I apply for any accounts online?

A: There are online applications for number of personal accounts, business accounts and loans on our site. To apply online, please visit the specific Web page of the product that interests you.


Online Banking


Q: How often is my account information updated online?

A: All customer information is updated nightly on our Telephone Banker and online banking systems, and we can also update your records when you contact us directly.

Q: How long does it take to set up a new payee in the online bill payment system?

A: Once the payee is entered, it takes two business days to set up the payee to receive payments.

Q: Can I still enter a bill payment to the new payee even though the two days are not up?

A: You can make a payment to the new payee immediately, but the payment will not actually be made until setup is complete.

Q: When I make an online bill payment, how long does it take for the money to come out of my account?

A: Payments are deducted within 1-3 business days.

Q: Do debit holds appear on my online banking account the way other purchases do?

A: Yes, debit holds are included on your list of transactions in online banking. They are often applied when a merchant must authorize a payment without knowing the final purchase amount. When the actual payment is posted, the purchase amount replaces the hold in your online banking transactions. To learn more about debit holds, visit our check card debit holds info page.


Online Security


Q: Will other people be able to see my account information through online banking?

A: Your account information is just as secure on our online banking system as it is at the bank itself. We have taken every step possible to be sure that our system meets the latest security standards, including using the latest security encryption methods and software.


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