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Business Account Opening Requirements

All business accounts require: 
  • Business name
  • Physical address and contact number
  • Tax ID number or EIN 
  • Government issued photo identification for all signers
  • Beneficial ownership information (includes SSN or passport number of non U.S. citizen owner, date of birth, street address, and government issued photo ID of all owners)

Additional requirements by business type below: 
  • Business License/ Professional Certification OR Tax Return (Schedule C Only)
  • Partnership agreement 
  • Secretary of State Filing
    • If General Partnership business license or tax return
  • Partnership minutes
  • Meeting minutes/officer roster with phone numbers
  • Operating Agreement Only
    • If Single Member LLC and no Operating Agreement, provide most recent year's tax return OR if new entity and no tax return, EIN letter from IRS
  • Secretary of State filing
  • LLC minutes
  • Bylaws
  • Secretary of State filing
  • Corporate minutes (not required if all incorporators are signers on the account)