Person logging into online banking on their laptop.

Business Online Banking FAQ

User Management functionality will be the main difference. User Management has been consolidated to one screen.

New users that admins create are immediately able to log in to their profile – no bank intervention required!
  • The same User Alerts are available in both Business and Personal Online Banking.

  • Event and Personal alerts are no longer present in Business Online Banking, but Balance and Account Transaction alerts are.

Users will need to disconnect and reconnect the authentication with QuickBooks from the Intuit platform. Username and Password will be required to reconnect.

From the Dashboard, the Documents tile will display all documents set up for electronic receipt on the profile. This file is more basic and statements will not contain check images.

From the account level, the E-Statements tile will display the area for Sign-Up/Changes and other settings. This is a color document with more formatting and check images. If a statement is needed for a loan application, this is where they should pull from.

Yes, the same conversation capabilities are present in Personal and Business Online Banking.
Yes. The first time the user logs into the app or any new browser, a 2-factor authentication (2FA) will be required. The user can check the box to remember the browser and not have to 2FA again in the future.
  • Organization admins can do everything, including edit, as well as delete and create users once available.

  • Viewer can see all details about a user, like an auditor, and viewers can also access user management.

  • User is a standard user within the organization and cannot access user management.

Yes! Switching profiles in online banking is easy and convenient!

If you have additional questions, please call (844) 928-2265.