A man takes a picture of his check for mobile deposit

Mobile Deposit

On-the-go check deposits? Get it done with a couple camera clicks.


Checks can come from anywhere - the boss, a client, a friend or far-off relative. But they have to end up in the same place - your bank account - before you can make use of the money. Now you can skip the trip to a Wilson Bank branch and make fast, secure deposits from almost anywhere with our free* app and your mobile device camera.

  • Free* service for customers with Wilson Bank checking accounts
  • Works with most payroll and personal checks

Here's how to make a mobile deposit:

  • Endorse your check as you normally would, being sure to include both your signature and the phrase "For Mobile Deposit Only"
  • Take a picture of the front and back of your check
  • Select the checking account where you want the funds
  • Enter the check amount
  • Verify that everything on the screen is correct, then hit "Submit"
  • We'll confirm that the check has been received
  • Funds are often available for use as soon as the next business day

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*Wireless carrier data rates may apply.