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Business CDs

Put excess cash to work and maximize your savings


Whether you're saving for a specific business expense or you're creating a cushion for the unexpected, Wilson Bank Business Certificates of Deposit (CDs) are ideal savings vehicles to boost your bottom line. Set aside at least $500, put it in a CD and let time do the rest.

Your money grows at a fixed rate for a specific term. When the CD matures, put your principal and earnings to use, or reinvest for more growth. You can also open multiple CDs with staggered maturity dates so one account always ripens every few months.

  • Open with a minimum $500 deposit
  • Earn higher returns than on regular savings accounts
  • Flexible terms from one month to five years available online or at any of our office locations.
  • Money grows at a fixed rate for the length of term; longer terms typically yield higher returns
  • Single maturity, automatic renewal available at current rate after grace period
  • Please note, early withdrawal penalties apply

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