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Business Online Banking

Business Online Banking

Direct your cash where it needs to go with online services that put you in complete control of company finances. We have services that support areas like billing and direct deposit.

You’ll also save time by managing banking activities right from your office — so you never have to run out to the bank during business hours.

Benefits & Features

  • Enjoy 24/7 control over company finances
  • Save valuable time and resources
  • Reduce accounting errors
  • Gain greater efficiency
  • Review account balances
  • Transfer funds, pay bills, and more
  • Initiate ACH payments and debits
  • Make and receive wire transfers
  • Make federal tax payments
To find out more about these services, e-mail us at or call (615) 449-3632.

Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to enroll in e-statements for your business. 

Automated Clearing House (ACH)

Increase security, reduce time, and eliminate paperwork with electronic payment and collection through our Automated Clearing House (ACH). This electronic means of transferring funds between parties provides a convenient alternative to checks or wire transfers.

  • Convenience for employees with direct deposit
  • Assurance of collecting funds on predetermined dates
  • Improved cash flow forecasting
  • More control of cash assets
  • Better investment opportunities from a central location
  • Reduced need for more expensive wire transfers

Check Fraud Security (Positive Pay)

Get an extra layer of protection for your business. Positive Pay is an automated service that reduces payment errors and check fraud.

When your business elects to use this service, Wilson Bank & Trust will only pay checks which match with payment data provided by your business, and we will notify you about suspicious checks. Once you have been notified about a check that does not match your payment data, you can view an image of the check online to confirm authenticity.

How It Works
Your business cuts and issues checks in the same way it does currently. However, once those checks are received by Wilson Bank & Trust for payment, we will automatically compare each check to payment data uploaded by your business.

If any check does not match with your payment data, we will notify you of a possibly fraudulent check and we will not issue payment until you have confirmed the check’s authenticity. The online system streamlines reconciliation by allowing you to quickly and easily upload and search payment information and view images of all checks presented to Wilson Bank & Trust for payment.

Additional Features & Benefits
  • Provides immediate reporting of suspected fraud
  • Reconciles account quickly and automatically
  • Records check payment history for easy investigation

Wholesale Lockbox

Enhance cash flow, streamline operations, and reduce the risk of fraud and human error by automating the process by which you receive and deposit customer or tenant payments. With Wholesale Lockbox service from Wilson Bank & Trust, your checks are continuously retrieved, deposited, and recorded — saving you time and helping to ensure that funds are available as quickly as possible.

How It Works
Wilson Bank & Trust will open a post office box in your company’s name. You will direct customer and/or tenant payments to that post office box. We will check the post office box several times each business day, process any payments that you received, deposit them into your account, and record the information. You can then access details of all deposit activity and view images of checks online the same day. By separating payments from your incoming mail and moving payment processing out of your office, you reduce the risk of fraud and human error, while speeding up cash flow and saving on administrative costs.

Additional Features & Benefits
  • Decreases the potential for fraud and mistakes
  • Improves security, since all checks are processed in one location
  • Same-day reporting allows you to keep informed and helps improve cash management

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