Treasury Management FAQs

  • Easy password reset for company administrators, no need to call for password reset
  • Easy user maintenance, adding and changing user permissions available to each company administrator
  • App that mirrors the Treasury Management online banking portal, easy approving of wires, ACH, or positive pay while on the go
You will receive two emails. The first will contain your company ID and your personal ID. The second email will have a link to assist with your first log in.

Passwords will need to be 10 to 20 characters in length, including one upper case, one lower case, number, and special character (ex: JaneDoe234!).

  • Account access
  • Bill pay
  • User management
  • Password reset
  • Electronic statements

You will not be able to log in to your online banking account or perform any online business transactions after 6:00 p.m CDT on Friday, July 7. Our goal is to restore online functionality at 7:00 a.m. CDT Monday, July 10.  For any banking needs on Saturday, July 8th, please visit your local office during business hours. 

Yes, here is a list of what will migrate from Business to Treasury Management on conversion day.

  • Company information and entitlements for all users
  • All accounts and loans
  • ACH Batches
  • Wire Templates
  • All Electronic Statement history
  • Bill Pay all history and payees

The process is similar, please see visit the Treasury Management Resource Center. Treasury Management QR Guides will have all of the instructions on how to send an ACH payment.

Yes, these will be moved for you.

No, you will not need to duplicate deposits nor manage two apps after July 10. Your deposit function will be included in your WBT Treasury Management solutions.
Click here for a step-by-step guide. 
Click here for step-by-step instructions for connecting a bank or credit card account to QuickBooks Online. 
The cut off times in order to have transactions submitted for daily processing are as followed:
  • ACH:                       3:45 PM
  • ACH Exception:       1:00 PM
  • Check Exceptions:   1:00 PM
  • Same Day ACH:     12:00 PM
  • Transfer:                 8:00 PM
  • Wire:                       4:30 PM