There are many credit cards out there, but why not get the one backed by the bank you already know and trust? A MasterCard® Hometown Credit Card from Wilson Bank & Trust offers great rates and security features.

Aside from putting the power of MasterCard in your wallet, you will also have access to many exclusive benefits and discounts. You can apply for a Hometown Credit Card by contacting any WB&T branch or by calling our Electronic Banking Department at (615) 443-6105.

Benefits & Features
  • Carry purchasing convenience
  • Use it worldwide, anywhere MasterCard is accepted
  • Competitively low APR
  • Earn travel and merchandise points through ScoreCard Rewards
  • Cardholder benefits and discounts include:
    • Toll-free travel reservation service
    • Bonus travel dividends
    • Emergency cash service
    • Auto rental discounts
    • Eyewear discounts
  • Online credit card statements
Contact Information

If you need to contact us about your credit card, please use the following phone numbers:

  • Lost or Stolen Card & Travel Notification: (800) 423-7503 (anytime)
    or (615) 443-6105 (during business hours)
  • Unauthorized Activity: (866) 374-6975

Fraud Alert System

Our Fraud Center automatically monitors WBT credit card transactions and alerts cardholders about potential fraud via e-mail, text and phone call alerts.  Learn more about our alert system with these answers to frequently asked questions.

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