Identity theft can be costly — unless you're protected. That's why we offer a comprehensive web-based solution that helps you guard and monitor your data, and resolve problems quickly with expert assistance should an incident occur.

Enjoy greater peace of mind with our online identity monitoring dashboard, credit reporting, suspicious activity alerts and 24/7 identity theft resolution service - plus online data protection and more.

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Benefits & Features
  • Low monthly fee with packages for individuals, families or couples
  • Prevention
    • 24/7 identity protection
    • Reduce marketing offers and phone calls
    • Online data protection to guard against keylogging and phishing
  • Monitoring
    • Online dashboard to manage all tools in one place
    • ID monitoring detects compromised credentials and high-risk transactions
    • One-bureau credit monitoring
  • Alerts
    • Receive notification about credit changes, compromised credentials and black market activity
  • Resolution
    • 24/7 access to certified identity resolution experts
    • Help with submitting affadavits, notifying creditors, freezing credit, emergency cash and more

*This product is not insurance against loss, and the bank is not liable to the customer for any such loss resulting from identity theft. Not an insurance product, not guaranteed by the bank, not insured by FDIC or any government agency.